Under the Guidance of

Hanshi Premjit Sen


  • 8th Dan Black Belt.
  • 7th Dan Black Belt from World Karate Federation.
  • Referee & Judge : Asian Karate Federation (Recog. by Olympic Council of Asia).
  • Referee & Judge : World Karate Federation. (Recog. by International Olympic Committee).
  • President : Karate Do Association of Bengal.
  • Chairman : R.C Karate India Organization.
  • President : Hapkido Federation of India.
  • Treasurer : National Martial Art Games Federation of India.


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Learning karate or getting trained in a self-defense technique doesn’t require any particular age category. Anybody above 3 years of age can join karate and practice it for the rest of their life. In karate, there is no such myth that a 20 years old person can practice and perform better as compared to a 65 years old person. It all depends on DISCIPLINE, DEDICATION and DETERMINATION. It is not the age factor but the mentality of an individual that restricts them from joining. But once you join, you can understand and feel the benefits practically and the age myth will automatically disappear. But once you join, you can understand and feel the benefits practically and the age myth will automatically disappear. Only one simple step can lead to a safe, strong, and secure life. IMPORTANCE OF KARATE FOR KIDS In today’s time, kids don’t take part in any kind...
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Karate is an ancient form of martial Art that has numerous benefits that have been proven practically as well as scientifically. It is an empty hand way of self defense technique that leads to various benefits

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  • Hapkido Federation of India is a member of World Hapkido Confederation, recognized and proud member of TAFISA, The Association for International Sport for All
  • TAFISA is a multi- sport Organization that is recognized by International Olympic Committee
  • Member of World Martial Arts Games Committee
  • Approved by UNISCO
  • Approved by WHO
  • Shall soon be a member of General Association of International Sports Federation (GAISF) or Sports Accord
  • Participate in International Martial Arts Olympics
  • Participate in World Hapkido Confederation tournaments
  • Participate in Asian Hapkido Games
  • Participate in World Hapkido Games
  • Participate in World Youth Martial Arts Championship


On the way to School National and University Games in India

Added Benefits of Hapkido, Get to learn

  • Joint work such as locking and manipulation techniques
  • Proper use and location of pressure points to assist in techniques
  • Tan Jan Breathing (breathing techniques)
  • Acupressure
  • Acupuncture
  • Advanced weapons



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Monday to Sunday

Morning 5.30 to Night 9.00

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Sanchita Nandi
Sanchita Nandi
Best Academy ???? Oss shihan?
Sanchita bhattacharjee
Sanchita bhattacharjee
Very good academy where kids are trained very carefully. Everyone in this academy is very good and well mannered especially Abhijit sir and Nomita ma'am.
Sonali Aditya
Sonali Aditya
The best Seishinkai Karate-Do Academy...if you want to actually learn karate you should take admission here...the best teacher whom we all are grateful to have ?
TANUSHREE DuttaGantait
TANUSHREE DuttaGantait
Teaches well