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Learning karate or getting trained in a self-defense technique doesn’t require any particular age category. Anybody above 3 years of age can join karate and practice it for the rest of their life. In karate, there is no such myth that a 20 years old person can practice and perform better as compared to a 65 years old person. It all depends on DISCIPLINE, DEDICATION and DETERMINATION. It is not the age factor but the mentality of an individual that restricts them from joining. But once you join, you can understand and feel the benefits practically and the age myth will automatically disappear. But once you join, you can understand and feel the benefits practically and the age myth will automatically disappear. Only one simple step can lead to a safe, strong, and secure life.



In today’s time, kids don’t take part in any kind of extra co-curricular activities or they don’t get ample time and sufficient place to play because of a lack of empty ground or vacant fields. They are under tremendous pressure in their studies and as a result of which they lack concentration and focus, which results in poor academic performance.

However, it has been proven through tests and various examinations that kids who practice karate have better focus and concentration power as compared to normal children. Moreover, due to practice their muscle gets tightened up and the overall body gets conditioned which prevents them from getting injured easily. The bones of kids are brittle but the practice of karate has outdated this myth and nowadays a large number of kids have been practising karate and increasing their mental power as well as physical power. Moreover, karate also helps to develop immunity power, and physical endurance, thus providing the kid a better and more promising future.



Nowadays we don’t have to explain the current situation of our society and the kind of harassment that our teenage girls have to face on the road, in public transport, at workplaces, etc. Anything can happen to them at any time and these incidents have a very destructive outcome that can ruin their life and upcoming future. It is not possible always to keep an eye on our daughters/sisters/friends and save them from upcoming danger. So it is better to make them independent and self-sufficient enough so that they can take care of themselves and don’t have to depend on somebody else. Karate not only teaches them self-defence art but also helps them to get a strong body and gain self-confidence. And girls who are trained in karate are not a “PREY” but a lethal “PREDATOR” who can knock off anybody, any number of people, in any situation, when required. So self-defense is a must nowadays to stay safe and lead a healthy lifestyle.



Nowadays our female society can’t be considered safe when it comes to a situation where women have to go out alone. A major part of our female society which comprises working women, Housewives, etc. is at such risk in even their lives are endangered. But nowadays even they can get trained in karate and enhance their self-defense skills which help them in any situation when required. Today standing in the 21st Century, our omen society can not only prevent any untoward incident from happening but can also control the outcome. Only a bit of awareness in the female society can make them safe and secure.

About Us


In today’s society, school kids lead a very busy and fast life where they get very less time to spend on themselves or get very less opportunities where they can play with their friends and maintain their physical fitness. Moreover while studying they require a lot of mental focus and high concentration power to memorize anything easily. And nowadays our food habits have become such that it easily leads to obesity. But it has been proved through various experiments that a child who is practicing karate regularly has better mental focus and more improved concentration power as compared to a normal child. Now while taking up karate we have to keep in mind that for them, even time is a big factor.

So while a kid is in school they can even practice and learn karate. Every school has kept a P.T. period which is for 30 to 45 mins. During this period the kids run here and there and play whatever they feel like, sometimes leading to a wound or any accident. But if this time can be utilized for practicing karate then the kids can achieve the benefits without investing extra time and effort. Even karate makes them disciplined and moreover, they stay fit, and energetic for the rest of the day and can devote a good amount of time to their studies which leads to better academic performance. Moreover, as our style is a Government recognized style, so the students can participate in National school games, National games, Asian games, Bengal Olympic championships, etc. We have numerous students in our academy who are champions at these tournaments. It also helps them to get a name and fame at a young age which motivates them further to continue it in the future. Even these games provide an additional advantage when they appear for Government job exams. They easily get qualified for the sports quota and can grab numerous job opportunities. So we can see that only a small decision of practicing karate can lead to a promising and secure future not only personally but professionally too.



Karate is an ancient form of martial Art that has numerous benefits that have been proven practically as well as scientifically. It is an empty hand way of self-defense technique which leads to various benefits mentioned below –

  • Get a strong body, physically strong as compared to normal human beings.
  • Gaining self-confidence.
  • Staying focused on every particular task.
  • Improved concentration and memory power.
  • Achieving “FUDOSHIN” or immovable mind.
  • Staying fit with a well-toned body and avoiding obesity,
  • Tackling street harassment.
  • Build inner immunity.
  • Pulls down sugar and high-pressure levels.
  • Improves eyesight.
  • Enhance bone structure and endurance.
  • It also increases the height.
  • It cures breathing problems such as asthma, inhaling problem, etc.
  • It cures Joint pain, Back Pain, Pain in the backbone, etc. which our academy students have experienced.
  • It cures muscle pain, relaxes the muscle, and improves flexibility.
  • It cures heart problems too and there are a few examples in our academy itself who has got the benefits of practicing.
  • It increases stamina and energy level.